American Government Honors / Economics Honors

12 Jan 2017

American Government Honors / Economics Honors

Mr. Warren
Metro Church / Winter Springs Campus
Monday 10:10 - 11:40am
Monday 12:20 - 1:50pm
Mr. Warren
Calvary / Winter Park Campus
Tuesday 2:00 - 3:30pm

American Government Honors gives students an understanding of our American government system with a focus on political behavior that is essential for effective citizenship and active involvement in a democratic American society. In addition, students will learn about the importance of civic participation in the democratic political process by running for office.

Economics with Financial Literacy Honors provides students with a critical foundation in historic and modern economics. Comparative systems will be analyzed. A functional knowledge of small businesses and Godly stewardship of personal finances will be included in this course including how to budget, manage a checkbook, and understand long-term investment opportunities. This is a dual semester credit requirement. Courses may not be taken individually. Weekly use of Circle’s eLearning Campus (online classroom component) will be required.
Prerequisites: US / American History.

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