Geometry Honors

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Geometry 1 Honors is designed to give a college-prep in-depth study of geometry with emphasis on methods of proof and the formal language of mathematics. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following: logic and reasoning, Euclidean geometry of lines, planes, angles, triangles, similarity, congruence, geometric inequalities, geometric constructions, structure of geometry, separation properties, quadrilaterals, proofs, perpendicularity and parallelism in a plane and in space, similar polygons, circles, and spheres, constructions, area and volume, coordinate geometry, and transformational geometry. Formal proofs will be developed throughout the course. Review of Algebra 1 concepts will be included on a regular basis. Students are required to complete all course and homework assignments, quizzes, tests, and semester exams as well as solidify skills through instructional video assignments. Students may participate in math challenges and competitions. Required tools are a protractor, a compass, metric/standard measure straight-edge, and a TI-83 or Ti-84 (preferred) calculator (TI-86/89 and Casio graphing calculators are not recommended). Weekly use of Circle’s eLearning Campus will be required. This is a two day per week course. It is strongly recommended that students take Geometry before taking Algebra 2. Foundational skills required for success in this course will be assessed prior to or during the first week of class and may affect placement.

Prerequisites:  Algebra 1

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