English 3 Honors

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English 3 Honors students will solidify skills in several areas of reading and writing about world literature. This course will also prepare students for the challenges of dual enrollment should they decide to pursue that path. Viewing, discussing, speaking, and, most importantly, interpreting the written word will be key elements of study this year. After a brief overview of writing structure and literary techniques, students will focus on speaking, interpreting literature, writing, authors, themes, motifs, and historical references within a wide range of world literature. The students will be encouraged to respond critically to the selections using other sources to validate views that are stated or implied. Students will explore a variety of writing styles, structures, and methodologies, which create strong writers. Students will demonstrate comprehension of world literature through media presentations, literary presentations, speeches, weekly reading analyses in multiple essay forms, as well as research of authors, historical perspectives, and works of the same time period. Students will be required to write at least one research paper using MLA structure.  Weekly use of Circle’s eLearning Campus will be required. Required summer reading list with summer writing assignment will be available in May. Literature Focus: World Literature

Prerequisites:  English 2.  Students should be strong readers.

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