English 2 Honors

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English 2 Honors features a survey of great writers, concepts, and themes of British Literature. An analytical approach to writing enhances critical thinking skills in addition to studying the primary source texts. Students will learn to respond critically to the selections of literature as well as identify sources to validate views that are stated or implied. Students will explore a variety of writing styles, structures, and methodologies in order to create strong writers. A brief review of grammar, punctuation usage, and syntax broadens the English 2 curriculum. At least one scholarly paper will be written following MLA style. Students will learn how to thoroughly study a play. Vocabulary, study skills, speaking skills, organizational skills, and research skills along with grammar and syntax review will be integrated throughout the year. Students will give several individual and group presentations. Weekly use of Circle’s eLearning Campus will be required. Required summer reading list with summer writing assignment will be available in May.  Literature Focus: British Literature

Prerequisites: English 1. Students should be strong readers.


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