Algebra 1 Honors

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Algebra 1 Honors is designed to provide a solid foundation for more advanced mathematics courses and to develop problem-solving skills necessary to prepare for high-school math and college entrance exams. Topics include, but are not limited to: variables, structure and properties of the real numbers system, first-degree equations and inequalities, relations, functions, graphs, systems of linear equations and inequalities, polynomials, integral exponents, rational expressions, irrational numbers, radical expressions, and quadratic equations. Students are required to complete all class and at-home assignments, take quizzes, tests, and semester exams. A TI-84 calculator is required (TI-86/89 and Casio graphing calculators are not recommended). Weekly use of Circle’s eLearning Campus (online classroom component) will be required.  This course meets twice a week.

*This course is typically taken in 8th grade and may be found on the Fundamentals Middle School Recommended Course of Study schedule. Ninth graders taking this course may encounter some scheduling conflicts requiring the use of more than one campus to complete a full schedule.

Eighth graders taking the course for high school credit must pass the Algebra 1 end of course exam and earn at least a “B” in the course.

Prerequisite:  Pre-Algebra or commensurate skills. Foundational skills required for success in this course will be assessed at registration to ensure correct placement. Students who score low on the placement test, but complete remediation over the summer, retake the placement test, and demonstrate the foundational skills necessary for success will remain in the class. Students enrolled in CCS Pre-Algebra will take the placement test in class prior to registration.

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