14 Aug 2016

Circle First Day 2016


This week signifies the start of Circle classes.

We can’t wait to partner with all the parents in educating your student(s). This also signifies a very important event… FIRST DAY PHOTOS!!! Share those photos on Facebook (anytime this week) of your student’s first day of class. Capture that moment your little one is showing off that toothless grin — to the teen that grumbles, “Mom, you’re really not doing this”.

Be sure to hashtag #CircleFirstDay2016
and mention @CircleChristianSchool in the Facebook post.

We can’t wait to see your photos!

»»» NOTE: Upper School, remember to take them before you get to campus. «««

Wait… I’m not sure HOW to hashtag, WHY to hashtag and WHEN to hashtag. We’ll wonder no more. Below are some tips.

HOW: It’s real simple The number symbol (#) IS the hashtag. Whenever you use a hashtag there is NO space in between the words. #CircleFirstDay2016

WHY: It’s the internets way of categorizing and searching for a common theme. Just like you might categorize some bills by AUGUST. You then know where to find all bills related to that particular month. Whenever you (or anyone else) clicks on those hashtags (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will search for that hashtag and display any posts/photos with that particular hashtag.

WHEN: People us it in different ways… but it’s purpose is to categorize a theme. That way you see what others are saying about that particular topic. Of course you’ll see funny ones as well, like… “My wife likes to torture me every night #ColdFeet”

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