7 Jul 2017

Circle Families Join to Help Clean the World

Last week Circle families gathered to serve an organization that is working to help stop the death rate in children and adults who cannot afford soap and other necessary hygiene products.

You may wonder what a bar of soap can do to change the world.  Look at these startling statistics. 

  • Hand washing with soap has been shown to reduce the risk of  acute respiratory infection and skin infections in children under five years old by half.
  • Nearly one in 5 child deaths is due to diarrhea, about 1.5 million lives lost every year.

Believe it or not, these statistics are not from third world countries only.  While there, we packed supplies for local families who cannot afford a simple bottle of shampoo or a bar of soap.

Clean the World has several locations world wide, with one right here in Orlando.  They welcome families who wish to volunteer, but for safety reasons children must be 8 years or older.

I believe I can speak for all Circle families who attended; this is definitely a great place to give back.  They are kind and easy to work with.  We were impressed with the staff, and the story of how one man changed how discarded items that have been filling the landfills changed so many lives.

If you are interested in volunteering with a youth group or your family, visit their website, www.cleantheworld.com.

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