27 May 2007

Caught in the Chaos

This weekend marks the beginning of summer vacation. For homeschooling moms that seems to be a bit of a myth. The state homeschooling convention was this weekend and the scurry in the vendor hall was great. There were parents running down aisles to get to the vendor who was offering a 10% discount, mothers looking for the “right curriculum”, and everyone carrying bags full of products that they are convinced will give them the best year ever. But will they?

I spoke to many women over the weekend and there is one truth that I shared frequently – take time to decide what is it that YOU want to teach your children. Curriculum is important but have you really looked at the character of the people in your home? Do you know their needs? Are you excited about learning together or are you afraid that you are not going to get it all done?

Homeschooling is MORE than just doing the basic subjects. It is a time to truly define your family. What is important to you? Do you love to read together? Then I hope you find some awesome books. Do you like to stand amazed at nature and all that GOD has created? Then I hope you find lots of bug boxes, magnifying glasses, and nature books. Do you love history? Then I hope you find some really cool uniforms and dress up clothes that you can play soldiers. Do you love to teach your children about the Word of GOD? Then I hope you find life changing material to teach them about the GOD of the universe and not just fill in the blanks in a Bible curriculum.

Do not get caught in the chaos. The materials are abundant, but what is more important in my opinion is that your children see you love life and learning together. Take time this summer talking to your children about what they would love to study. Ask them if they could design the best school year ever, what would they want to do? You will love the conversation and then use that information to design your strategy. You will find great energy and fulfillment in the thoughts they will share. It may even answer some of the questions you asked this weekend in the vendor hall.

Have an AWESOME week talking to your children!

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