20 May 2007

Lessons Learned Along the Way

With the graduation of Andrew on Saturday, this weekend officially marks the end of our homeschooling journey. Here are several lessons I have learned along the way. 1. Do not walk alone. The task of educating your children will always require the support and understanding of someone else. There will be many challenges and days...
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17 May 2007

Going the Distance

Several years ago I attended my first Circle Christian School graduation. I walked into the church exhausted and questioning our plans to continue in parent-directed education. I felt so alone in my doubts. The graduation ceremony turned out to be one of the most sacred events I have ever witnessed. I was given the opportunity...
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13 May 2007


As Circle approaches graduation day for high school seniors, it is a time of reflection for many of us: the seniors thinking about plans for their future; the parents thinking about all the things they wish they still had time to do and share with their senior; the staff thinking about the many details to...
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6 May 2007

Today I Gave My Daughter Away

On Saturday, Elisbeth Grace Werner married Timothy Aaron Graeser. It was an awesome time of celebration but also a humbling experience. The following are the words that I shared with them as I placed her hand in his. “Elisabeth – The joy of raising children is one of the greatest experiences of life. Your mother...
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29 Apr 2007

One Generation Will Praise Thy Works to Another

On Saturday, Lauren Grandstaff, our granddaughter, graduated from kindergarten with thirty-eight other Circle students. The morning was very emotional for me as I understood more fully the truth of the scripture of the next generation doing what they were taught by their mothers and fathers. I am passionate about sharing the goodness of GOD with...
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23 Apr 2007

What Language Are You Speaking?

We have spent the past week in California and Mexico celebrating the marriage of son Jonathan and his bride, Christina. It has been an incredible experience meeting her family and being with their friends. Nothing thrills my heart more than hearing from others the impact our kids have had on their lives. I am also...
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15 Apr 2007

This is What I Have Lived For!

This week will begin the family celebrations of the Werner children. On Wednesday we will fly to San Diego to celebrate Jon and Christina’s marriage on April 20. On April 28 we will celebrate Lauren’s kindergarten graduation, May 5 will be the marriage of Elisabeth to Timothy Graeser, May 19 will be Andrew’s senior graduation...
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8 Apr 2007

Easter Through the Eyes of a Child

In preparation for Easter week, Matthew and I started doing the Resurrection Eggs nine days ago so we could end with the empty one on Sunday. Every day, we would read the Bible scripture and shake the egg to guess what was inside. When we did the whip, the crown of thorns, and the nails,...
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1 Apr 2007

The Week Before Easter

STOP!! BE STILL!! And BE THANKFUL!! This week is an incredible week in the life of the believer. Today begins the final week of Christ’s life leading up to the cross. Do not let the crowds and the noise take you away from the truth and meaning of what CHRIST did when He died for...
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25 Mar 2007

Enjoy the Giggle!

This week Jim and I had the privilege of keeping Lauren and Emily as Brian and Sarah went to Guatemala to visit their new baby girl. The time was wonderful but so FULL! As I sit and reflect on all that we enjoyed this week, I am so very thankful for the simple things. Their...
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