13 Jan 2008

What Drives YOU?

What drives you? What would your family or friends say is the driving force of your life? What do you want it to be? Everyone is driven by something. The dictionary defines drive as “to guide, to control, or to direct.” Whether you are driving a car or a golf ball you are guiding, controlling,...
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6 Jan 2008

Imposters of Desire

During the holiday break I began reading a book that is seeping into the depths of my soul. John Eldredge’s book The Journey of Desire has challenged my thinking in a number of ways. I am enjoying the discomfort that it has created in my heart. One of the premises that Eldredge raises in the...
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30 Dec 2007

Another Chapter Nearly Over

Each of our lives is a story: a story of relationships, choices, decisions, challenges, pain, and celebration. Our story contains many chapters as well as unique and specifically designed themes. The year 2007 is nearly over and this is the time that I spend in deep reflection as well as dreaming for the New Year....
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23 Dec 2007


This has been another incredible week for me. On Tuesday Jon and Christina arrived from California. They will leave to go home early Christmas morning. On Friday, Sarah and Brian learned that their precious daughter Kate, will soon be in their home. Her expected arrival here is January 15. As her grandmother, my heart is...
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16 Dec 2007


This has been an incredible week for me. On Thursday a friend and I flew to Tennessee to be with our dear friend Kay Dokkestul. Kay’s family and ours have been friends for eighteen years. Our friendship has been rich. Our kids have grown up together through homeschooling and have established lifelong relationships. Kay was...
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9 Dec 2007

My Role in Honoring America’s Veteran

I once knew this very special man who, in his prime, was a college graduate, a football star, a teacher, a historian, a husband, father, and a decorated veteran of World War II. We met when he was older and I was younger. I listened to many of his stories and corny jokes during the...
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2 Dec 2007

A Victory for God

Advent is the season we prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus’ birth. What a victory we celebrate! Mary and Joseph endured many hardships in their journey to Bethlehem. We are also told of the three wise men who endured hardship in their journey with the hope of honoring baby Jesus with gifts of...
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25 Nov 2007

A Story of Forgiveness

When Christ makes us new and clean, it is both instant and life-long in scope. Although I have been a Christ follower for many years, I have regularly struggled with confusion, unforgiveness, bitterness, and anger with my mom because of her life-long addiction problems. Her addictions prevented her from being the mom I always wanted...
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18 Nov 2007

Update from Guatemala

For the last four days son Andrew and I have been in Guatemala with daughter Sarah and her girls. We have been there awaiting the finalization of Kate’s adoption. Andrew and I were able to make the trip because Brian’s schedule did not allow him to travel with his family. He will join them this...
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11 Nov 2007

The Truth of Adoption

This week is a big week in the life of our family. Sarah and her girls will be traveling along with Jim and Andrew to Guatemala to be united with the little girl that will soon join the Grandstaff family. Katelyn, born January 5, 2007, will soon be in her new home. The adoption is...
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