18 Feb 2007

God is Faithful!

The overload has hit and you are wondering how in the world you will ever finish the rest of the school year. Who talked you into this thing called homeschooling anyway? Are there really rewards that you will reap if you just stay the course? You bet there are! I am convinced that the relationships...
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5 Feb 2007

Don’t Miss It!

Today I’ve spent time reading a book called, “Better Than Good” by Zig Ziglar. It’s been incredibly inspiring and I have enjoyed every reading minute. In Chapter 16, Zig included a profound story from a Beth Moore book called “Further Still.” It is a story that I have read before; however, it still has a...
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29 Jan 2007

I Dare YOU!

Do you remember when as a child someone would say to you, “I dare you to . . . (you fill in the blank)? I remember when those words were said to me, I would get very determined to do whatever I was being challenged to do. This year I have a sense more than...
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21 Jan 2007

Great Job, Everyone!

My younger daughter Tristynn and I were sitting in the Circle parking lot on Monday afternoon. We were waiting on my older daughter to be finished with her classes. We were relaxing a little as Tris had completed her homeschooling for the day. We both had our feet propped up on the dashboard and had...
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14 Jan 2007

Today is a NEW Day!!

Well, we are fourteen days into the new year. How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? Are you encouraged by some of the new activities or plans that you wanted to begin? Are you experiencing success? I know I am. I am so EXCITED!! Last Saturday over 140 women attended the New Year,...
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7 Jan 2007

Life’s Dreams

Bobb Biehl has always been one of my favorite encouragers. I love his books, his fourth grade video workshop, and he now has a Quick Wisdom email that I receive on a regular basis. On New Year’s Day as I was spending time reading and writing out my goals, this came on my email. I...
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31 Dec 2006

Taking Inventory

When I was in the 4th grade, my parents opened a women’s clothing store where I spent most of my afternoons and weekends. I was taught how to work the cash register, prepare bank deposits, properly answer the phone, display clothes and accessories, and all the good stuff that comes with customer service. My favorite...
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24 Dec 2006

It’s My Birthday!

Thirty-seven years ago on Christmas Day, when I was a cocky sixteen-year-old, Bud Hinkson shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with me. It was on that special day that I acknowledged that I needed a Savior and could not save myself. Bud shared with me that Jesus came to the manger because God the Father...
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17 Dec 2006

Another Chapter Nearly Over

Each of our lives is a story: a story of relationships, choices, decisions, challenges, pain, and celebration. Our story contains many chapters as well as unique and specifically designed themes. The year 2006 is nearly over and this is the time that I spend in deep reflection as well as dreaming for the New Year....
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10 Dec 2006

What My Children Have Taught Me About God

If I could write a book, it would be entitled, “What My Children Have Taught Me About God.” I’ve learned so much about my Father’s love towards me through my girls. Simply by paying close attention to my relationship with them, I’ve learned about God’s relationship with me. Let me explain… My nine-year old was...
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