14 May 2006


As Circle approaches graduation day for high school seniors, it is a time of reflection for many of us: the seniors thinking about plans for their future; the parents thinking about all the things they wish they still had time to do and share with their senior; the staff thinking about the many details to...
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7 May 2006

One More Squeeze

Picking up the twisted, rolled, and mutilated, tube of toothpaste, you decide to squeeze it one more time and somehow enough toothpaste comes out that you now think twice about throwing the tube away. “One more squeeze,” you say and put the tube back in the drawer. This routine goes on for five or six...
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30 Apr 2006

The Baton Has Been Passed

As a former track and field athlete on a 440 yard relay team (that’s what they called it back then!), “passing the baton” is a familiar expression to me. It meant several things: first, a smooth and perfect handoff was necessary . . . no dropped batons! Then, it meant I was to turn and...
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