11 May 2008

The Race is Over

Today was a day of many emotions; anticipation, excitement, and fear were just a few. As I stood on the shore of the Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney and looked out to the green light in the distance, I wondered if I really was going to be able to make it. Was I really prepared?...
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4 May 2008

Seven Days and Counting!

Next Sunday, Mother’s Day, will be the long awaited Danskin Triathlon at Disney. The race will begin at 6:00am and will include a quarter-mile swim, nine mile bike, and two mile run. I know that the event will be incredible. The relationships that have been developed as well as the positive health benefits have been...
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27 Apr 2008

Another Chapter Closed

Last weekend we received a contract on our home in Clermont. With an anticipated closing within the next few weeks, our prayers for the sale of our home will be answered. What I experienced, I did not expect. When the realtor called and said the buyer accepted our contract, I cried. The tears I cried...
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20 Apr 2008

Almost Time for the RACE

Three weeks and counting. On Mother’s Day the long awaited event will take place. For the last ten months I have been training along with twenty-five other women to participate in the Danskin Triathlon at Disney. This event is for breast cancer awareness and fundraising. I was inspired last Mother’s Day by Kaley Crebs. Kaley’s...
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13 Apr 2008

Rumors, Opinions, and Misunderstandings

This weekend Linda and I participated in a family reunion with her family in North Carolina. It was an awesome time of fellowship and laughter. We spent most of the weekend sitting around sharing the stories of our lives with four generations of family members in attendance. One simple thought was impressed on me as...
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6 Apr 2008

Back to School (for the day)

It had been twenty-three years since I last sat in a classroom for a day of schooling. Once I got out of school, I had no intention of returning; it was hard enough the first time. My wife came up with this “brilliant idea” that I should sit through the kids’ Foundations classes with them...
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31 Mar 2008


Favor – An act of kindness beyond what is due or natural. This one word has been a word that has ministered to my soul deeply over the weekend. You see on Friday my family was highly favored. I don’t usually tell this kind of a story but I cannot resist. On Monday, our son...
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23 Mar 2008

A Work Completed

This month I have spent time reading John 12-21 and pondering the account of Jesus’ life in the final days leading to the cross. On this glorious Resurrection morning, I am struck once again with one very powerful truth. In John 17:1-5 it says, “Jesus spoke these words, lifted up his eyes to heaven and...
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16 Mar 2008

Be Encouraged

This is a big week for many families as the annual testing event will be taking place. Be careful not to make testing a point of tension and stress in your children. Testing is an important part of your children’s academic progress but it is not the most important part. Do not lose sight of...
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9 Mar 2008

Always Be Alert

There is an interesting passage at the end of the Apostle Peter’s first epistle. As Peter is concluding his words to Christians, he offers several challenges. This is a common practice for writers to end their letters with a variety of encouragements to the readers, but do the readers take the thoughts seriously? We as...
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