12 Nov 2006

Felt vs. Expressed

Thanksgiving. A time to remember and be thankful. This is the day we celebrate all that we have been given and we focus on being “Thankful”. Recently, I have understood in a new way the importance of expressing my love, appreciation, and gratitude to others. If you ask me if I feel I am a...
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5 Nov 2006

The Battle for the Family

My heart is so heavy this weekend with the news of the moral failure of another pastor, Ted Haggard. I have prayed today not only for him and his family but for the battle that is being waged against each of us by Satan, the prince of this world. We are in a desperate state....
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29 Oct 2006

Pink Pinkies

I am so very thankful for all that God is doing at Circle. I have the distinct honor and pleasure to interface with many families. This week my life has been blessed beyond measure by Tim Crebs and his three precious children, Kaley, Kyle, and Chloe. Let me share part of their story. Lynn Crebs...
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22 Oct 2006

“Who’da Thunk?”

This last weekend our family traveled to North Carolina for a family gathering we never in our wildest dreams thought would ever happen. My 77 year-old mom was married. Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to...
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8 Oct 2006

A Mother’s Prayer

“She said, ‘Yes!'” It was my oldest son Timothy calling to tell his dad and me his glad news: the girl of his dreams, Miss Elisabeth Grace Werner, had just accepted his proposal of marriage and consented to become his wife! Theirs is an incredible love story of how God has been leading in both...
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2 Oct 2006

The Urgency of the Moment

I was enjoying a beautiful weekend at the beach but this morning my heart was heavy for a family I do not even know. On Friday night around 6:00pm, the beach outside my window was filled with sirens, fire rescue trucks, and hundreds of people. What could be going on? The ocean was beautiful and...
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24 Sep 2006

Failure to Look Up

Last week Jim and I spent four days at the beach with our two granddaughters. It was such great fun. One day I had invited a friend over for the day. She had two daughters so the day was set to be a wonderful time for everyone. The four girls played while Joann and I...
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17 Sep 2006

A New Excitement

This week I have pondered in my heart the thrill that I am experiencing as a mother. I have learned there are three distinct areas of enjoyment as it relates to children. The first is the birth of a new life that God creates between a husband and a wife, the second is the addition...
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10 Sep 2006

Sibling Rivalry

Good old sibling rivalry – it’s been around since Cain and Abel. My family was not exempt. I grew up in a busy family of five children spanning eleven years. Some would say our family was unique; others would think we were just plain crazy. Most of the time my brother Jonathan and I struggled...
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3 Sep 2006


Dr. George Pransky says, “Commitment is a whole-hearted, single-minded pre-disposition to a person or activity.” I have asked myself over the last several weeks why am I so committed to Circle School and homeschooling. I thought that as the end of our family’s homeschooling experience approached, I would feel like running and jumping and screaming,...
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