5 Oct 2008

So Much At Stake

This week has been an incredible week in our nation. So many concerns that seem at times overwhelming have been screaming for our attention. If there was ever a time to seek the LORD and trust in HIM, it is now. Our nation is facing uncertain times. This election will have many important issues for...
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28 Sep 2008


Dreams — “A compelling awareness of something that could be or should be and a growing sense of responsibility to do something about it.” Steve Moore “A life dream is a mental picture of the difference you want to make before you die.” Bobb Biehl “What do I believe in so deeply that I am...
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21 Sep 2008


This weekend I had the privilege to speak at the Aloma United Methodist Ladies’ retreat. The topic of the weekend was “Understanding, Realizing, and Living Your Dream.” I love this topic because I believe if I can engage and inspire women to pay attention to their hearts as well as what God is calling them...
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14 Sep 2008

The Whisper of “Is it Enough?”

Talking with a friend last week, the subject of schedules came up as it often does between women. My friend remarked that she never says anymore that she is busy. When I inquired why, she shared a story with me about a conversation between her and another mother. As happens too often, the women were...
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7 Sep 2008

Trust, a Byproduct of Relationship

“Call unto Me and I will answer you and I will tell you great and mighty things which you do not know.” Jeremiah 33:3 Throughout the scriptures, God assures us that He is with us and will help us do great things for His glory. The challenge for us is not whether God is able...
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31 Aug 2008

Stand Amazed

Over the last several weeks I have been pondering something I heard Bill Hybels say at the recent Willow Creek Leadership Summit. He challenged the audience to think about two contrasting statements as it relates to the pace of life. • How can I experience God in such a way that HE takes my breath...
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24 Aug 2008


September of 2005 was a significant month for me. I had reached a point in my life where I desired more – more intimacy with Christ, more personal growth, and more genuine relationships. I was overwhelmed by the busyness of my calendar and lacked the abundant life that my Savior provided at Calvary. I longed...
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17 Aug 2008


Bobb Bielhl is one of my favorite mentors. In his Quick Wisdom e-mail encouragements, I was struck this week with this thought. What makes you smile . . . inside? I stopped and focused on the blessings of my heart and not my circumstances. What truths are inside me that make me smile? • God...
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10 Aug 2008

Be Sure to Take Time

This past week we have been preparing for the opening of the group classes on Monday. There were new places that needed to be set, new paperwork that had to be delivered, new staff that needed to be trained, and I was tired. It has been a long summer. The summer has gone faster than...
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3 Aug 2008

What If?

In preparation for Monday night’s parent meeting, these two simple words, “What IF?” have consumed my thoughts. These two words are the beginning of dreams. These two words are the seeds of possibilities. These two words instill and promote wonder. These two words have the potential to unleash incredible opportunities for the future. Have you...
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