15 Feb 2009

Our Commitment to You

For the past few months the lead story on the nightly news has been the economy. Everyone seems to be talking about it and just about everyone has an opinion regarding how to fix it. One thing is for sure; we are all being impacted. As we prepare for the upcoming school year, the leadership...
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8 Feb 2009

Countdown Has Begun!

Never before in the twenty-four year history of Circle School are we more excited about the opportunities that GOD has opened up for Christian homeschooling families in central Florida. In just two weeks we will meet as a community of families and share all that GOD has done in building new staff as well as...
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1 Feb 2009

Adoption Available for ALL

Yesterday, I had one of those events that marks your life forever. It was one of those “I will never forget this moment” experiences as I stood in the Orlando International Airport and met our new granddaughter Kiley Joy. I watched with tears in my eyes as this precious child touched her three sisters for...
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25 Jan 2009

The Truth of Adoption ONE More TIME!

On Saturday, Sarah and Brian, our oldest daughter and her husband, boarded a plane for Ethiopia to bring their new daughter and our new grand-daughter home. Jim and I have loved walking alongside this young couple as GOD has gripped their hearts for orphaned girls. The story of Kiley Joy Grandstaff is very precious. Kiley...
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18 Jan 2009

I was Prepared for THIS!

On Thursday, January 15, 2009 US Airways Flight 1539 made an emergency landing into New York’s freezing Hudson River. Not one life was lost in the crash. As I listened to the reports of that amazing incident, the news reporters focused on the pilot of the aircraft, Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger. I loved what...
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11 Jan 2009

A Peek at What is COMING!

Circle is on the brink of some very exiting offerings for the 2009-10 school year. Never before in the history of Circle has GOD been opening up more doors for parents who desire to walk more closely with their children on the education journey. Homeschooling, I believe, is on the verge of an incredible expansion....
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4 Jan 2009

Circle Begins NEW Chapter

God is doing a great work at Circle. We continue to claim and proclaim the truth found in Psalm 66:5, Come and see what God has done, how awesome HIS works in man’s behalf. At the August 2008 parent meeting we pondered a series of “what if” statements: • What if this community of homeschooling...
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28 Dec 2008

Another Chapter Nearly Over

Each of our lives is a story: a story of relationships, choices, decisions, challenges, pain, and celebration. Our story contains many chapters and themes. In the next few days I will spend time reflecting on 2008 and dreaming and planning for 2009. I review all that GOD has done in my life, my family, and...
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21 Dec 2008

It’s My Birthday!

Thirty-nine years ago on Christmas Day, when I was a cocky sixteen-year-old, Bud Hinkson shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with me. It was on that special day that I acknowledged that I needed a Savior and could not save myself. Bud shared with me that Jesus came to the manger because God the Father...
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14 Dec 2008

Daughters Need Their Dads!

Unmarried daughters need their dad, especially during the transition of their teenage years, and that requires the wisdom, love and affection of their father. If his tender loving care is lacking they look for it in all the wrong places. Their emotions can become hostage to another male who does not have an objective agenda....
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