18 Nov 2007

Update from Guatemala

For the last four days son Andrew and I have been in Guatemala with daughter Sarah and her girls. We have been there awaiting the finalization of Kate’s adoption. Andrew and I were able to make the trip because Brian’s schedule did not allow him to travel with his family. He will join them this...
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11 Nov 2007

The Truth of Adoption

This week is a big week in the life of our family. Sarah and her girls will be traveling along with Jim and Andrew to Guatemala to be united with the little girl that will soon join the Grandstaff family. Katelyn, born January 5, 2007, will soon be in her new home. The adoption is...
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28 Oct 2007

A Winner’s Heart

It is such a joy to see our children be their best! Do you ever feel that God is molding you as a parent by the results of your children’s attitudes and actions? I love to see my children make good choices and perform God’s best for them; it’s then I see the fruit! However,...
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21 Oct 2007

I Believe In You

I want to share a simple thought this week. Your children need to know that you believe in them. It is not healthy to constantly focus on just their limitations and weaknesses. The world, the flesh, and the enemy already do a great job of sending that message of defeat. What they need more than...
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14 Oct 2007

The Training Process

The baby is crying in the other room. His whines and yells are getting old. Boy, he really sounds angry now. I can’t believe I am doing this again. I’ve already raised five kids! What was I thinking? Yesterday, Copper, our two-month-old golden retriever came home, and, well, it would be accurate to say that...
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7 Oct 2007


This week I had an interesting experience. As we prepare to sell our home in Clermont, we are getting rid of certain items that are no longer needed or desired. I placed an ad for our boat on the Internet and smiled when one of the responders turned out to be a Circle family. We...
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30 Sep 2007

Character and Truth

My heart is full of gratitude. My youngest son has started his senior year at the University of Central Florida. Next May he will graduate, and in the same week he will be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. This is a long time dream of his, and I, as...
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23 Sep 2007


John Maxwell says, “A difficult crisis can be more readily endured if we have the conviction that our existence holds a purpose, a cause to pursue, a person to love, a goal to achieve.” Are you facing a crisis or a difficult situation? Is your daily routine hard? Look beyond the immediate circumstances. Focus on...
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9 Sep 2007

You are Doing a GREAT Work!

Elisabeth Elliot wrote in her book, “The Shaping of the Christian Family”, that work should always be associated with joy. The story is told of three women washing clothes. A passerby asked each what she was doing. “Washing clothes,” was the first answer. “A bit of household drudgery,” was the second. “I’m mothering three young...
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2 Sep 2007

I Did It!!

Today was the day. Before church Jim and I went out for our bike ride. He asked if I wanted it to be a short or a long ride. My reply was let’s do a long one…How about eight miles? The ride was beautiful and as we traveled home, I told him I wanted to...
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