31 Aug 2008

Stand Amazed

Over the last several weeks I have been pondering something I heard Bill Hybels say at the recent Willow Creek Leadership Summit. He challenged the audience to think about two contrasting statements as it relates to the pace of life. • How can I experience God in such a way that HE takes my breath...
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24 Aug 2008


September of 2005 was a significant month for me. I had reached a point in my life where I desired more – more intimacy with Christ, more personal growth, and more genuine relationships. I was overwhelmed by the busyness of my calendar and lacked the abundant life that my Savior provided at Calvary. I longed...
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17 Aug 2008


Bobb Bielhl is one of my favorite mentors. In his Quick Wisdom e-mail encouragements, I was struck this week with this thought. What makes you smile . . . inside? I stopped and focused on the blessings of my heart and not my circumstances. What truths are inside me that make me smile? • God...
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10 Aug 2008

Be Sure to Take Time

This past week we have been preparing for the opening of the group classes on Monday. There were new places that needed to be set, new paperwork that had to be delivered, new staff that needed to be trained, and I was tired. It has been a long summer. The summer has gone faster than...
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3 Aug 2008

What If?

In preparation for Monday night’s parent meeting, these two simple words, “What IF?” have consumed my thoughts. These two words are the beginning of dreams. These two words are the seeds of possibilities. These two words instill and promote wonder. These two words have the potential to unleash incredible opportunities for the future. Have you...
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27 Jul 2008


I love the word “Legacy”. It makes me think about how I want to be remembered. It makes me think of the lives I have had an opportunity to impact and influence. I love the thought of shaping our children in such a way that they will be marked one day by what was important...
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20 Jul 2008

What Kind of Difference Are You Making TODAY?

I have been pondering a simple statement I received from a precious friend this week. This is it! “Be the kind of woman (man) who, when your feet hit the floor, Satan says, “Oh, NO! She’s (He’s) up!” Are you a threat to the enemy of this world? Here are several things to think about....
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13 Jul 2008

A Desire Accomplished

For the month of July, I have been reading the book of Proverbs. Every day I read the Proverb that corresponds to the day. Today, I read Proverbs 13. I was impressed once again with the truth that a desire accomplished is sweet to the soul, Proverbs 13:19. For me, a desire becomes a goal;...
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29 Jun 2008

I Believe in YOU!

I want to share a simple thought this week. Your children need to know that you believe in them. It is not healthy to constantly focus on just their limitations and weaknesses. The world, the flesh, and the enemy already do a great job of sending that message of defeat. What they need more than...
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22 Jun 2008

Teach, Model and Pray

Last Sunday for Father’s Day, my brother, John Woodall, spoke at the church where he is on staff in Atlanta; Northpoint Community Church. His message, Fathering on Purpose, has caused me to deeply reflect on the truth that he shared. Our opportunities with our children can be broken down into three simple truths. We are...
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