Lower School Soccer


The Circle Christian School Athletic Department exists to support the school’s overall mission by providing families a Christ-centered introduction to the benefits and joy of sports. Lower school athletics offer K-5 students an opportunity to experience a variety of different offerings while exploring their God-given talents and interests. Through sports like Soccer, students are introduced to teamwork, skill development, fundamentals, and good sportsmanship while providing a fun and encouraging environment to grow and learn.


During the Spring, Circle Athletics teams with First Touch Sports (add link: http://www.firsttouchsports.com) to take part in the Orlando Soccer School League – Elementary program. First Touch Sports has created an exciting and fun soccer development program that focuses on technique and skill development while introducing young athletes to the positive aspects of competitive team sports. The league hosts three co-ed grade level teams (1-2, 3-4, and 5-6) that compete in a 6 vs 6 format.


2017 Game and Practice Schedule

The Lower School Soccer season runs from February 20 through April 15 (8 weeks). Practices are held one day a week (TBD) beginning the week of February 20 with games being played on Fridays beginning February 24 at MLK Jr Park in Winter Park (1050 West Morse Boulevard). Games are played between 4:30 pm and 8:30 pm with the match length being 25 minutes each way (50 minutes total).

Coaches: TBD

Fee: $120.00 payable to First Touch Sports (Plus $25 Uniform fee payable to CCS)

Registration: Beginning the week of January 16 registration and league payment can be completed at: http://www.firsttouchsports.com/ossl-registration

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