Athletic Fees and Forms

The Florida High School Athletic Association and Circle require certain forms to be submitted before students may participate in varsity, junior varsity, or middle school sports. A complete list of forms is provided below for download. Please note some of the forms must be notarized by one or both parents (GA4 form). If both must sign, the form should be signed in the presence of a notary, but are not required to be signed/notarized simultaneously. Two separate notary seals may be affixed to the affidavit if both parents are not present at the same time. Use an additional page if this option is necessary.

2017-18 Athletic Fee Summary

2018-19 Athletic Fee Summary

This document contains a summary of athletic fees.

This document will be available in the summer.

CCS Athletic Checklist This is a checklist of important information.
CCS Release and Consent Form This form must be submitted annually and must be notarized.
FHSAA Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (EL02) This form must be submitted annually.
FHSAA Consent and Release from Liability Certificate (EL03) This form must be submitted annually.
Affidavit of Compliance with FHSAA Policy on Athletic Recruiting (GA4) This form must be completed only by newly enrolled students in grades 9-12 and must be notarized.
CCS Student / Parent Athletic Handbook Contains everything you need to know about Circle Athletics.
Athletic Survey This survey is for athletes and parents of athletes.
Application This form contains details and guidelines.
FHSAA Home Education Student Form (EL07) This form must be submitted annually.