SUMMARY 2018-19

K-6th Grade

Foundations makes history come alive! We survey the big events and the personal stories of real people to provide deep, contextual meaning. The Foundations Program weaves together the subjects of History, Bible, Science, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts so that God’s hand in history is revealed.

For the 2018-19 school year, we will survey the events and culture of The Ancient World. Students will explore the Seven Days of Creation, live like Egyptians, travel with Moses, battle like Spartans, and so much more!


Are You Looking For a Program That:

  • Integrates subjects for a connected, comprehensive learning experience?
  • Cultivates hands-on, diverse learning environments?
  • Launches weekly lessons in the classroom that extend at home?
  • Provides freedom to customize in-depth learning according to your child’s interests?
  • Enables your whole family to learn together?
  • Includes character development and opportunities to grow in wisdom, as well as intellect?

Is Foundations right for you?

Subjects we cover in the classroom and home:

Subjects you add in home studies:

Classroom teachers:



  • Does your student learn best through hands-on experiences and investigation?
  • Does your student respond well to verbal instruction and dialogue-rich learning environments?
  • Will rotating through five classes per school day be a match for your 2nd-6th grade student’s learning style?
  • Do you want to actively participate in your child’s education?
  • Does your family want to use history to jump into deeper academic and life lessons?
  • Do you want freedom to customize in-depth learning according to your child’s interests?
  • Are you seeking opportunities for the whole family to learn together?
  • History
  • Bible
  • Science
  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Math
  • Phonics/Reading Instruction
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Writing Composition
  • Handwriting
  • Spelling/Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Develop engaging classroom environments through hands-on learning and higher-order thinking
  • Provide a launch into weekly lessons through educational experiences such as historical reenactments, practical application of Scripture, scientific investigation, and artistic expression
  • Are trained educators having experience in public, private, and homeschool classrooms
  • Do not grade student work
  • Recieve weekly Home Lesson Plans with activity ideas for each subject area covered
  • Lead hands-on, subject-inspired home lessons
  • Grade all student work and complete monthly reports in compliance with Circle policy
  • Rotate through subject-focused classrooms, experiencing hands-on lessons
  • Receive grade-specific instruction meeting diverse learning styles
  • Develop teacher and peer relationships
  • Participate in dramatic presentations



The Foundations program provides an integrated learning environment that connects the educational experience between classroom and home. We launch learning in the classroom in the subject areas of History, Bible, Science, Visual arts, and Performing arts. Our classroom teachers cultivate hands-on lessons that spark insight, interest, and investigation in the areas of study.

At home, parents are invited to use our Foundations resources for customizing their student’s learning. Parents receive weekly Home Lesson Plans (HLPs) which are packed with subject-inspired activity ideas for each grade.


Foundations teachers provide a survey of their subject, then bring ancient history to life through historical reenactments, practical application of Scripture, scientific investigation, and artistic expression. Inviting students to create, discover, and investigate, our skilled teachers foster multi-sensory classrooms.

Our 2nd-6th grade students rotate through five subject-focused classrooms. Students in K-1st grade experience a dedicated classroom environment. Receiving an age-appropriate modification to the lesson topics, our youngest learners explore the time period through a unit study model.


The Foundations program presents a variety of events throughout the year designed to promote creative expression and community connections. In 2018-19, we will offer the following opportunities:

  • Annual Holiday Market – Students are invited to participate in our annual Holiday Market where they have the opportunity to create, sell, and purchase homemade goods.
  • Field Trips – Local field trip options are featured for program families to gather and experience together.
  • Foundations Student Showcase – Students are invited to share presentations that feature artistic or musical talents, a favorite subject or lesson from the year, or even a fabulous scientific experiment!
  • Performing Arts Presentation – Our school year concludes with a program-wide dramatic presentation featuring the wonderful skills learned and topics studied within our Performing Arts classroom.


Parents may select Foundations for core academics or for enrichment only.

Parents will receive weekly Home Lesson Plans (HLPs) that provide subject-by-subject, grade-specific discussion connections, hands-on activities, and hyperlinked resources for the following subjects: History, Bible, Science, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts. At home, parents can choose to use one or all of the subjects within Foundations to cover core academics by selecting HLP assignments for their students to complete. Additionally, parents are responsible for selecting and teaching math and language arts curriculums.

Families selecting Foundations for enrichment only are welcome to enjoy classes, use Home Lesson Plans ideas, and participate in school activities, but are not able to count Foundations for any core academic subject. Instead, they will need to select and use Circle-approved curriculum covering all areas of Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Bible.

In Foundations, parents grade all student work and complete monthly reports in compliance with Circle policy.


Cynthia Pilling

Program and Campus Director, Curriculum Author

Cynthia Pilling has a business background in tourism, curriculum sales, and marketing, and has conducted workshops and seminars for the homeschooling community for over 20 years. Her love of history comes from teaching her own five children (ages 13, 23-28) using hands-on, unit study methods. As a result of mentoring and the study of God’s unique design and development of a child’s brain, she delights in providing parents with ideas that will engage their students emotionally in order to increase their learning potential and retention. Cindy’s great desire is to help parents use the study of history to expose the truths of Scripture, to make the Word of God relevant to everyday life, and inspire students to make Godly choices to impact their futures. Her experiences and strengths of Responsibility, Context, Maximizer, Communication, and Achiever uniquely qualify her to serve as Program Director for the Foundations teaching team. Cindy has served for 14 years as a member of the Foundations program staff.

Contact Cynthia Pilling

Jesi Luxon


Jesi Luxon graduated from UCF with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. She has taught English overseas in Spain and Sierra Leone. Upon graduating from college she taught in Orange County Public Schools for four years. This will be her second year teaching with Foundations. Her passion is for mentoring and hearing the hearts of other people. She has been married to her husband and best friend for five years and loves the opportunity to stay home with their little boy with another baby due at the end of this year. She believes in recognizing every child as a unique person and in encouraging them to know they are valued and loved. Her strengths are Achiever, Connectedness, Empathy, Positivity, and Maximizer.

Contact Jesi Luxon

Leigh Yeargin

Survey of Visual Arts

Leigh Yeargin joined the Foundations team in January 2010. She and her family have called Oviedo home since moving from South Florida ten years ago. Leigh and her husband, Bill, have been married 29 years. For ten years Leigh was able to home school their daughters, including one Circle graduate. It is Leigh’s joy to share her love of art and to encourage children to explore and discover their own artistic talent. She strives to fashion a pleasant classroom environment to awaken students’ senses, spark creativity, and enrich their artistic expression. It’s not surprising, then, that Leigh’s strengths are Harmony, Empathy, Ideation, Developer, Belief.

Contact Leigh Yeargin

Monica Pastrana

Survey of Performing Arts

Monica Pastrana holds an AA in Secondary Biology Education, as well as an AS in Medical Assisting. For the past fifteen years, she has served in educational and ministry settings within her church and community. Monica and her husband Raymond have been married 18 years and have called Oviedo home since 2004. For the past 5 years, Monica has had the privilege of homeschooling two of her three children, including a 2012 Circle Graduate. In 2016, God enlarged her family, adding three teenagers from the foster care system as permanent residents in her home. Monica’s love of the performing arts comes not only from her own experiences, but is also fueled by her own children’s God-given artistic talents. She began serving Foundations families as a volunteer mom, assisting our students; she joined the teaching staff in 2012 with a heart to help students discover their passions and parents to appreciate the opportunities to worship God and communicate ideas those passions present.

Contact Monica Pastrana

Amy Smith

K4-1st Grade

Amy Smith has spent over 30 years working with children in educational settings, enrichment programs, and ministries, including homeschooling her daughter from 2nd grade to graduation. God has continually called her throughout the years to use her gifts in an early education environment. Amy endeavors to foster a nurturing environment where consistency is a key element in leading her students to experience success socially, academically, and developmentally. Amy loves investing in the lives of little ones to uncover their unique needs and talents in order to enrich their individual gifts. Her classroom instruction is designed to fully engage students with a variety of hands-on, age appropriate activities like teamwork exercises, making crafts, singing songs, creating games and dramatic role playing. Amy joined the Foundations team in January 2011, complementing it with strengths of Developer, Empathy, Responsibility, Arranger, and Belief.

Contact Amy Smith

Lindsey Holcomb

1st Grade, Calvary Orlando, Winter Park

Lindsey holds a master’s degree in International Health and has worked in the field of public health education since 2004. Lindsey has co-authored three books with her husband, Justin. One is a children’s book called *God Made All of Me*.  She has homeschooled her two daughters for the past four years, always striving to make learning fun and hands-on.  Whether she’s coaching the K-2 grade Circle soccer team or teaching in the classroom, Lindsey wants to lead students to discover that they are uniquely created and that God loves them more than they can imagine. Her love of history comes from traveling and living overseas.  She joins the Foundations team with the strengths of Empathy, Achiever, Learner, Positivity, and Developer. 

Contact Lindsey Holcomb

Kevin Bartle

Survey of Church History, Bible, and Worldview

Kevin Bartle is currently enrolled in seminary pursuing a Master of Divinity degree. His heart for ministry began more than 15 years ago and has kept him actively involved within the church in a variety of ministry capacities. Kevin currently serves as the youth pastor for his home church and leads a Central Florida Christian youth retreat which provides annual opportunities for developing and strengthening the faith of teens. Kevin has served on Circle’s teaching staff since 2013. He is excited to share his love of learning, scripture, and, most importantly, God with the students of the Foundations program!  Kevin’s strengths are Responsibility, Communication, Adaptability, Individualization, and Belief.

Contact Kevin Bartle

Jocelyn Lamb

Survey of Science

Jocelyn Lamb has always enjoyed science and working with children.  She has a BS in Recreation Therapy from the University of Florida and has spent several years working with children with mental health issues.  She and her husband Andrew have been married for 26 years. Jocelyn leads the Children’s Ministry at the church her husband pastors in Altamonte Springs and takes a lead in staff development.  She has been homeschooling her own children for more than 15 years and has a love for teaching, a love for encouraging learning, and a love for helping children to build a relationship with Jesus.  Jocelyn first served the Foundations program as a classroom assistant; she is excited to return for a second year leading students as they discover more about God through science.  Her strengths are Connectedness, Arranger, Includer, Strategic, Developer.

Contact Jocelyn Lamb


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