3 Jun 2007

A Letter from Kim Creasman

I have a quick break between softball and ballet recital and wanted to send out a huge thank you to the Circle staff and all the volunteers who made the Used Curriculum Sale possible.

I’m so thankful I had the chance to volunteer on Friday. I wanted to give my time to our wonderful school, flip through some curriculum, and chat with some more experienced ladies about 7th grade, which is scaring me to death.

I had time to do all of that and now I feel much more comfortable with my plans for the girls next year, but the part I enjoyed the most was once again experiencing what Circle is all about. All the volunteers worked hard with a smile on their face, and this morning they were so wonderful wanting to help us find what we need. The heart of the event was to bless families with inexpensive resources and recycle things no longer needed. Everyone who worked expressed this in the way they went above and beyond to help.

As I type this, I know you are all still working hard to sort and return items. I’m amazed at the efficiency and organization of this event. Thank you all for putting it on and for showing with the sweat of your brow your dedication to homeschooling and to assisting others.

Kim, her husband Carl, and their children have been part of Circle for the last two years.

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