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CSA Offers Master Classes

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CSA_Logo_Rev01Circle School of the Arts is offering a series of Master Classes beginning this summer. The two-day classes are scheduled to take place throughout the  school year for students in grades 7-12.  Each class will be led by industry professionals.  The classes will be opened to the community and participation fees will apply.

Class Offerings


This two day intensive challenges the beginning and advanced musical theatre actor to connect their singing to the wants of the characters.  The master class led by Tracy McCoy, Artistic Director of Christian Musical Theatre West Palm Beach, will focus on the actor’s elements of the production:  acting, singing, and dancing.

IMPROV | AUG 8-9, 2014

A two day intensive that will develop the actor’s ability to think on their feet and outside of the box.  The master class will be taught by Dave and Morgan Russell, founders of SAK Comedy Lab Orlando.  Through short-form improv games, students will learn the value of saying “Yes, and” to every idea.  Students will focus on believability – allowing the humor to come from honest choices rather than “going for the joke.”


Musical theatre performances are powerful when song furthers both the character’s journey and the play’s central story. This master class takes the five W’s (who, what, where, when and why) and applies them to song.  Intensive master class will be led by Christi Griffith, Director of Soli Deo Gloria Music Studio.

SHAKESPEARE | JAN 9-10, 2015

This master class will crack open the mysteries of playing Shakespeare, giving students the basic tools to understand and perform his work in an active, immediate way. Students, under the direction of Morgan Russell, Director of Interactors at UCF, will gain a strong understanding of verse, prose, meter, character and intent to prepare them for continuing study.

Registration and Fees

Each class has a $25.00 registration fee and a $75.00 class fee. Registration fees are due 30 days prior to the class.  Class fees must be paid 7 days before the class.  Fees may be paid via credit card through a secure PayPal link at or through the Circle office.  If you use the online link, be sure to indicate the name of the class in the comments box to ensure that you are registered for the correct class.  The registration process is not complete until all necessary forms and fees are submitted.

Master Classes Registration Form

Provide the information below. Payment options are listed above.
  • This program is for students in grades 7-12.
  • Is this student enrolled in Circle Christian School? Enrollment in Circle is not required to participate in these classes.
  • I am registering for the following class(es):


Direct questions to CSA Director, Becky Saunders.





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